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Our Story

We are a diverse group of specialized businesses that have been serving the construction industry since 1954. Our businesses exist to simplify complex project execution and to minimize the risks for all involved.  We have a long track record of providing safe, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to a variety of construction challenges. Our Brand Promise is to continue making Anything Possible – just as we’ve been doing for the past 64 years.

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Our History

NorLand Limited has been around in one shape or another since it started as Pacific Blasting Company Ltd. in 1954.  Back in 1954, the company began operating from a house in Burnaby.  In 1970 the company's assets included one air-track drill, three mobile blasting units and four employees.  Since that time the company has grown and evolved significantly, with annual volumes now exceeding $200,000,000 & employing over 500 people.

As the organization grew, it became known as The Pacific Group of Companies before being rebranded as NorLand Limited in August 2015.  Despite the recent switch in name and branding, NorLand Limited continues to offer the same high-quality work with a focus on safety that earned The Pacific Group its reputation.

Longevity in construction is not a common thing.  NorLand is proud of its enduring history and looks forward to another 60 years of serving its clients with integrity and fairness.