Civil Foreperson - Copcan Civil, Nanaimo / Victoria BC

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Copcan Civil, part of NorLand Limited, specializes in construction management and civil construction in BC.  Copcan employs over 150 people and currently operates on Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and Kootenays.  We are hiring reliable and motivated forepersons for projects on Vancouver Island.


Candidate Requirements:

  • Understands that as a supervisor, the foreperson is responsible for safety, quality and protecting the environment for the assigned work
  • Experience leading crews to install utilities in difficult ground conditions
  • Reads and interprets drawings and specifications to provide clear instructions to the crew
  • Maintains daily records including crew and equipment time, material receiving, productions and summary of activity on site
  • Can train each position on the pipe crew and takes responsibility for the crew’s development
  • Works with the project superintendent to plan ahead and ensure materials and resources are in place ahead of the work
  • Ensure work is within specifications
  • Copcan expects all foreperson to be working foreperson. As such you will be expected to lead from the front lines which means directing the work and being with your crew at all times


Candidate Qualifications:

  • Valid BC driver’s license
  • First aid is considered an asset
  • Participation in training courses


Benefits of Working with COPCAN Civil:

  • Copcan has a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Policy, employee safety is our priority on all sites
  • We are committed to quality workmanship and doing things right the first time
  • Employees are supported by motivated and knowledgeable staff
  • Training and education provided as needed
  • Competitive wages


We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in our recruitment and hiring practices.