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Living Our Values

Corporate Finance & IT

Everyone Goes Home Safe

We put safety first. There are no compromises. No task is worth a person’s health.

  • We believe in the importance of being educated on what is safe and what isn’t. This allows us to approach situations with the knowledge to wear PPE when needed, as well as understand what to do in the case of an emergency.
  • We care very much for fellow team members; we encourage them to be mentally and physically healthy. This requires an atmosphere conducive to positive mental health, fostering positivity and respect rather than hostility.
  • We ensure that we are conducting safe driving practice to and from work, as well as being aware of our safety when we are alone in buildings or when working after hours. Being constantly aware of our surroundings is important in mitigating accidents.

Teammates Get Treated Like Family

Be better together. A true team is a group of people who trust each other, just like a family.

  • We believe that our attitude towards our coworkers is of paramount importance; through respect, appreciation, trust, and support our team can grow as a collective unit and be able to surmount any issue we may face.
  • We strive to be there for our fellow team members when they need help. It is important to be open minded and approachable in order to foster this collaborative environment. Being supportive and open to others’ suggestions shows a level of respect that resonates with our values.
  • We encourage communication between individuals not only on work-related subjects, but on personal subjects as well. Having an idea of our coworkers’ lives outside of work is crucial in creating a unified, strong team.

Variety Makes Us Strong

We embrace a broad range of skills, specializations and perspectives. It’s what makes us strong.

  • We believe that a diverse skill set is imperative in being able to solve complex problems that arise. Thus, we encourage everyone to further their knowledge through professional development courses, researching unfamiliar material or issues, listening to others, and always asking questions.
  • We take great care in hiring from all skill levels and all personal backgrounds. This expands our collective knowledge base and allows us to draw from a vast pool of experience, both professional and personal.
  • We encourage our employees to take on tasks that may not be in their job description, allowing them to grow professionally and learn from others who may have more knowledge in a particular area.

Passion Leads to Pride

We’re passionate about helping to create great things and are proud when we see them realized.

  • We believe we can foster a passionate work environment through setting and achieving goals as a team. Required with this are a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and accountability from all team members.
  • We encourage our employees to help each other solve problems, getting creative with their solutions allowing them to ultimately come up with something they are proud of. Additionally, employees should explore areas that they might love working in, motivating them to work on what they are passionate about.
  • We support the company’s direction and visions, promoting a general sense of motivation amongst ourselves to better our own work and offer creative suggestions for improvement.

Every Person Deserves to Grow

We’re happiest when we’re growing. Grow as people, as teams and as an organization, together.

  • We encourage our employees to take professional development courses in order to broaden their skill set. As their skills develop they are able to shift their roles within the company and assume more responsibility.
  • We push our employees to grow not only professionally, but also in their personal lives; learning from people of different backgrounds allows this to happen, as well as taking the time reflect introspectively.
  • We aim to create an environment where team members are not afraid to ask questions of each other, or help each other on their own accord. This allows everyone to grow as individuals and professionals.

Effort Gets Recognized

Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. Take time to hold the deserving people high.

  • We believe it is important to appreciate when a colleague goes above and beyond in their work, praising them for their excellence.
  • We encourage our employees to let their superiors know when someone does excellent work so that they receive the recognition they deserve. This recognition comes in the form of verbal appreciation, or even a bonus of some sort.
  • We should always listen to coworker feedback, thank them for their input, and appreciate the help that they are trying to give. It is important to recognize when someone is steeping out of their way to help someone else.

Innovation Is What Sustains Us

We’re never finished innovating. Change, adapt, grow, and find a little better way each day.

  • We have adopted an open minded and proactive approach to considering new ideas put forth by coworkers, superiors, and even other departments allowing us to innovate on our current practices as effectively and as often as possible.
  • We embrace new challenges as an opportunity to scrutinize current processes and make changes where we see applicable.
  • We always have our eyes and ears open to search for new technologies that we could implement before our competitors, keeping us one step ahead of the curve.