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Living Our Values

Health & Safety Resources

Everyone Goes Home Safe

We put safety first. There are no compromises. No task is worth a person’s health.

  • We are accountable for our health and safety activities at all levels of the organization and our senior leadership measures individual groups on their performance.
  • Our meetings begin with a safety moment – we put it first for a reason.
  • We have resources available to do the job in the safest possible way the first time.

Teammates Get Treated Like Family

Be better together. A true team is a group of people who trust each other, just like a family.

  • We don’t shoot the messenger when bad news is discovered – mistakes are treated as an opportunity to learn.
  • We encourage conversations to take place – the more we talk about our issues the better we understand each other as people.
  • We brag about the successes

Variety Makes Us Strong

We embrace a broad range of skills, specializations and perspectives. It’s what makes us strong.

  • We share solution through safety committee meetings because there often is more than one way to tackle the same problem.
  • Our diversity enables us to better empathize with our customers – understanding their point of view makes us better problem solvers.
  • We become self-motivators and are more driven to achieve when we see others around us and in different fields achieving success; our variety encourages those of all levels to succeed.

Passion Leads to Pride

We’re passionate about helping to create great things and are proud when we see them realized.

  • Our health and safety programs thrive when stakeholder “own” the system; once a person takes personal pride in their H&S performance, they will make it a personal goal to improve upon it.
  • We believe that to keep employees interested, invested and proud, the company must ensure the team is challenged and provided with opportunities for growth and the learning of new skills.
  • Our more senior teammates proudly speak of past completed projects to newer works – this ‘story sharing’ motivates them to realize something similar with their work.

Every Person Deserves to Grow

We’re happiest when we’re growing. Grow as people, as teams and as an organization, together.

  • We have ongoing support for personal and professional development, which is integral to career satisfaction – this is encouraged through mentoring and manager’s assistance in setting and achieving personal career goals.
  • Our managers take the time to write personalized congratulation messages upon hearing that a team member has achieved a personal goal.
  • We encourage the potential of all team members by setting individual and company goals, as well as informally sharing information and participating in mentoring or apprenticing opportunities.

Effort Gets Recognized

Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. Take time to hold the deserving people high.

  • We recently celebrated the retirement of a 20+ year veteran of the safety committee; years of tireless commitment was celebrated and bragged about.
  • Our teammate Doug just passed his professional designation exam, which represents the culmination of years of professional development and training – congratulations Doug!
  • We find that even a simple, informal moment of spontaneous acknowledgement makes the recipient feel valued; identifying individual and team accomplishments is important, and we take every opportunity to acknowledge when someone goes beyond expectations – a day doesn’t go by when someone isn’t privately or publicly recognized here for their efforts or accomplishments, and our crews recognize the sincerity of them.

Innovation is What Sustains Us

We’re never finished innovating. Change, adapt, grow, and find a little better way each day.

  • We encourage a culture of question asking to better understand why we do things the way that we do; by knowing what our obstacles are, we are better equipped to successfully address them.
  • We are proud of our work and confident in what we do, but this doesn’t lead to complacency; having a clear picture of our competitors means we never underestimate them, and this drives innovation at each level of the company.
  • We never accept the ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ mindset.