Maintenance Yard & Shops

Living Our Values

Maintenance Yard & Shops

Everyone Goes Home Safe

We put safety first. There are no compromises. No task is worth a person’s health.

  • We use good catch forms, and set the bar high for everyone.
  • We always have a plan, stand back and analyze the procedure and hazards.
  • We always work safe, not because we are told to but because it’s our standard practice at work and at home.

Teammates Get Treated Like Family

Be better together. A true team is a group of people who trust each other, just like a family.

  • We believe respectful communication is important when interacting with each other.
  • Our ‘team spirit’ and positive attitude makes it easy to work with anyone in the shop.
  • We believe in shared responsibilities and trust in our team and their work, knowing that it will be done right every time.

Variety Makes Us Strong

We embrace a broad range of skills, specializations and perspectives. It’s what makes us strong.

  • We are always able to lean on others in our group for knowledge and ideas.
  • We have the ability to tap into our vast range of skill levels to get the best information, ideas, and tools direction.
  • We are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to improve safety, performance or maintenance.

Passion Leads to Pride

We’re passionate about helping to create great things and are proud when we see them realized.

  • We aim to project a positive attitude, which becomes contagious and inspires all the workers.
  • We produce nothing but excellence; our name is associated with everything we complete, and we take that very seriously.
  • We take pride in the equipment we use, always leaving the yard in good running condition.

Every Person Deserves to Grow

We’re happiest when we’re growing. Grow as people, as teams and as an organization, together.

  • We are always growing with our experiences, and learning from diverse situations that arise.
  • We aim to keep up with all the new technologies, equipment, and tools.
  • We believe in growth through learning from the team members around us.

Effort Gets Recognized

Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. Take time to hold the deserving people high.

  • We will always be thanking the person that just helped us out in some way.
  • We have monthly good catch submissions that get recognized with a chance for a gift card.
  • We provide recognition for particularly good work performed in public.

Innovation Is What Sustains Us

We’re never finished innovating. Change, adapt, grow, and find a little better way each day.

  • We get together as a group to brainstorm for input and ideas to come up with the best solution, whether it’s for safety, maintenance or repairs.
  • We believe in being open to change and having the patience to flow with it.
  • We encourage our workers to come with the right tool, or develop the right tool for the job.