11th NorLand Class To Commence Crestcom Leadership Training Program

NorLand is pleased to announce it has sponsored its 11th class to participate in the Crestcom BULLET PROOF Manager Training Program. The program is globally recognized and teaches participants how to lead more effectively in the workplace and in life. The curriculum includes 24 teaching modules which are covered in a 12-month span (2 modules/month), looking at subjects like "Ten Ways to Increase Morale and Motivation" and "Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence."

In the GVRD, Crestcom is run locally by Mike Lorenz. Mike has coached more than 44 of our employees through the program over the past 10 years and will be training the next class of 9 participants who commence the program later this month. Mike also played a key role in helping our organization discover and develop our 'Shared Purpose Landing Document,' the results of which include Core Value #5: 'Every Person Deserves To Grow.' The Crestcom Program is one of many ways NorLand is proud to continue to live this value out.

Dated Posted: August 8, 2017