25th Annual NorLand Limited Hockey Pool Results Announced

With the NHL playoffs finished and the Washington Capital celebrating their first Stanley Cup Championship, it's time to announce the winners of NorLand Limited's 25th Annual Hockey Pool. Congratulations to our regular season and playoff pool winners!

Regular Season Pool Winners:

1st Place: Glen Mohan
2nd Place: Brooks Patterson
3rd Place: Travis Turner

Stanley Cup Playoff Pool Winners:

1st Place: Spencer Gudewill
2nd Place: Brooks Patterson
3rd Place: Brad Beatty

Annual Hockey Pool History:

The annual NorLand hockey pool is one of our longest standing traditions. Started in 1992 by Dave Reynolds and Dave De Groot, the hockey pool originally consisted of a simple spreadsheet that was updated manually on a weekly-basis by recording point totals published in the sports section of The Province newspaper. As NorLand grew and evolved over the years, so did the hockey pool. When Internet technologies made it possible to automate the hockey pool it was first hosted on OfficePools.com before finding its present home on PickUpHockey.com.

The format of the hockey pool has essentially remained the same since 1992. Regular season participants are simply asked to pick 30 scorers from any NHL team. Playoff participants are asked to pick any 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies. This allows participants to pick their scorers without the need for a time-consuming draft. Back in 1992, there were only a dozen participants. This past season there were 79 entries for the 25th Annual Hockey Pools. As NorLand continues to grow, we hope the number of participants in the hockey pool also continues to grow. 


Date Posted: June 8, 2018