Apex Receives and Delivers 7 Transformers in 1 Shipment

Apex Specialized Rigging and Moving recently delivered 7 transformers to 4 different substations spread out over 1,200km in British Columbia.  The transformers all arrived on the same ship in North Vancouver.  Apex received them directly from a barge, as they were too large to leave the port by road without having to perform bridge studies.

Thanks to Apex's convenient location close to barge access in Delta, they were able to marshal all of the transformers in their yard.  This enabled Apex's client to perform inspections prior to dispatching them to various substations.  This saved Apex's client time and money compared to having the transformers sitting at a port waiting to be inspected.  Two of the transformers were offloaded for storage in Apex's yard to save their client demurrage on the trailers due to one of their substations not being ready to receive the transformers.  Once the inspections were completed, and the substations ready, the transformers were transported to their destinations where Apex offloaded them via jack-and-slide to their pads.

Thanks to Apex's ability to work multiple sites at once, they were able to deliver the transformers quickly and efficiently. 7 transformers were delivered in 2 weeks, allowing Apex's client to beat their contractual dates with a local utility company.


Date Posted: November 2, 2015