Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving Delivers 88,000 kg Generators to Remote Site

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving recently completed the delivery of two 80,000 kg generators to a remote run of river site near Pemberton, BC.  Due to the infrastructure in the area, multiple modes of transport were needed to get the equipment safely to site.

Apex coordinated the complete transport package from receipt of the generators at the Port of Vancouver to site. This included pre-loading its trailers to a barge, receiving the generators from the ship’s gear, barging to Squamish, staging both loads in Squamish, Highway permitting and transport to Pemberton, transport on a forestry road to site, and finally trans-loading to a smaller trailer to allow deliver into the powerhouse. Due to the weight of the generators, and the bridges that needed to be crossed, Apex used its dual lane trailer to spread the load for the trip to site. Once onsite, Apex "jack and rolled" the generators to its 125 ton – 16 wheel lowbed to make the final delivery into the powerhouse.


Date Posted: January 14, 2016