BCIT Scholarship Recipient Lunch

Each year, our BCIT Scholarship Recipients are invited to join us at NorLand for a celebratory lunch. This year, we had five of our six recipients come together to celebrate their accomplishments, challenges, and discuss what they have learned throughout the past year.

We are very grateful to be able to support such wonderful people entering the construction industry, and help them grow their networks together. These lunches allow us to live many of Our Values out loud, and bring together people who are growing, learning, and innovating.

Pictured above: Brianna Delmaestro (BCIT graduate and NorLand employee), Jerry Pol (NorLand Scholarship Recipient), Sydney Wanchulak (BCIT graduate and NorLand employee), Angad Aulakh (NorLand Scholarship Recipient), John Guremel (NorLand Scholarship Recipient), Farzad Sadeghi (NorLand Scholarship Recipient), and NorLand President/CEO, Dave Reynolds (another BCIT graduate!)