Canadian Construction Women Event Sponsorship

This year, NorLand is proud to support the Virtual Paint + Savour Winter Social Event, hosted by Canadian Construction Women. The event this year is celebrating the 40th anniversary of CCW, which is a huge milestone!

In partnership with Bella Ceramica and Charcuterie Vancouver, attendees will have the chance to paint something amazing in the comfort of their homes while enjoying delicious and creative charcuterie boxes delivered to their doors. 

Canadian Construction Women has been around since 1981 and has been providing mentoring women looking to get into the industry. With their primary goal being to attract and retain women in the industry. This is an incredibly important objective as the percentage of women employed in the contruction field has consistetly been in the 4% range. With organizations like the CCW, women can fully realize the wealth of opportunity available through this enticinc business.


NorLand has been a gold member since 2019. We provide bursaries to women in construction to aid their education costs, donate to CCW for the Women in Construction grant, sponsor different parts of their events, as well as volunteer at events. To read more about the CCW and help support ther vital organization, head over to