Construction: A rapidly growing industry

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in British Columbia. According to the BC Construction Association, 9.2 percent of the BC workforce relies on the construction industry for a paycheck. This amounts to 236,000 people and is higher than any other sector. The number of construction companies in BC is 25,736 – nearly a 1,400-count increase from 2018!

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused the shut-down of so many industries, many in the construction sector were lucky enough to remain employed since the industry was deemed essential. Additionally, construction has proven time and time again to be an industry rooted in resilience; despite many infrastructure projects being temporarily paused due to the pandemic, this industry continues to innovate and find continuous ways to thrive.

All of this is to say: Working in the construction industry is a lucrative place to be. And with 16 individually operated business units under the NorLand Limited brand, why not make NorLand the company you join?! Check out our careers page and start your exciting journey today: