Dixon Transition Society Fundraising Raffle

Two of BelPacific’s employees, Dorene Burly and Rose Salvarani have been in conversation for a while about how they can increase the community impact at the BelPacific Groups. They both have a passion for helping women and children going through tough times, so they decided to partner with the Dixon Transition Society.  

Their first fundraising idea was a raffle! The goal is to raise $5,000 by October 30th. Tickets are being sold by various individuals across NorLand. Some of the prizes for the raffle include a $700 value gift basket, $300 Mountain Co-Op gift card, and multiple $50 gift cards.

Below is a photo from the Dixon Transition Society’s Information Session with the BelPacific Groups.

Left to right: Monika Verme, Executive Director at Dixon; Rose Salvarani, BelPacific; and Sydney Wanchulak, NorLand.

There were 32 attendees for the online session, and NorLand committed to donating $5/person in attendance, so we raised $160 just from the people who attended! Thank you to Dorene and Rose for getting this partnership started and thank you to everyone who has helped to support it!