Effort Gets Recognized!

This past August, the value we focused on at NorLand was “Effort Gets Recognized”. When reading our Shared Purpose Landing Document, this value says Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. Take time to hold the deserving people high.

Let’s focus on the first part… Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. There are many people we all know across NorLand that don’t have ‘manager’ or ‘vice president’ or ‘supervisor’ in their title; yet, they encompass what it means to be a leader. They lift others up and help them grow and become better each day. They work on projects that others put to the side because they see the greater value that it will bring to the team. They bring new ideas to the table and see those great ideas through to the end. That is when we need to… Take time to hold the deserving people high. We all have a voice, and we need to make sure those around us who are doing great work know how much their effort and time means.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following NorLanders for their efforts in living our values:

  • Nicki Wilson in Safety for sending out Kids Club mail
  • Lambert Head in the Equipment Shop for changing our regular oil products to environmentally friendly products
  • Our Service Mechanics in the field for working until the job is done properly, not mickey mousing equipment together and not cutting corners to get it done faster
  • Rose Salvarani and Dorene Burly with the BelPacific Groups for organizing donations for the Dixon Transition Society
  • The Parts Department at Traxxon Rock Drills for taking calls from customers on evenings and weekends, then driving to the shop to pack up parts and driving them out to them to the customer ASAP
  • Craig Hargreaves at Western Grater for building community garden boxes out of old shipping boxes
  • Josh Furmanczyk at Traxxon Rock Drills who organized the NorLand workout challenge which started on September 4th.

We know there are countless more examples like these. We can’t recognize those people who deserve to be held high because we don’t know everything; however, you can. So, let’s get to work recognizing those around us when the opportunity arises!