First Quarterly 2021 Street Cleanup for PIM!

Apex & Pro-Tech (Pacific Industrial Movers) have continued to adopt and clean the streets of Delta this year! This was an initiative started in 2019 to make a difference to business, community, and the environment. Not only do the streets look great, this is a chance for NorLanders to come together and enjoy community, conversation, and food. On March 12, 6:00 am was breakfast time for ALL workers and then the volunteer cleanup kicked off at 7:00 pm. It was a beautiful morning; no rain and an earlier sunrise now that it’s March. Here’s a message from Terri Biln (Project Coordinator at PIM) regarding the successful event:

What a turn out! 

Thanks everyone for supporting our partnership with the city of Delta to volunteer our time and clean the neighborhood streets. We understand the need to bring all employees together, not only for the purpose to make a difference in our community, but also to keep the inclusivity amongst our team events. The street clean ups have turned into a great opportunity to team build, share information, and engage with those we don’t get to see regularly, all while making an impact in our community. We also like to use this time to show our gratitude to one another for the hard work we contribute to Apex & Pro-Tech. A big shout out to our cooks, Andrew and Gary, and a big thanks to Alison for picking up the food. Thank you to our Norland supporters for taking part in today’s clean up and for everyone who helped out! For those of you who couldn’t stay but came for breakfast, we appreciate you for supporting the business needs. We are stronger together and we recognize everyone for their contributions to the team. 

Today two of our neighbors stopped us during our cleanup to thank us for the continued efforts to keep the neighborhood clean. In fact, Rissling from across the street brought us doughnuts and muffins to show their appreciation.

Wow!! It’s wonderful to be recognized in the community and to really feel that positive impact. PIM also made improvements to their waste bins in their yard to include plastics and smaller waste, which will help them stay on track with their goals to become a zero-waste diversion from landfill company, which they are targeted to do by December 2022.

This cleanup had around 23 volunteers and it was a lot of fun! Thank you to PIM for taking the time and effort to make an impact in Delta and Helping to Build Enduring Communities, Together. It is not going unnoticed!