How the Construction Industry can Make Meaningful Environmental Impact

The Vancouver Economic Commission released a great article in June about climate change and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our planet. While the full article can be found here, we'd like to highlight a few key points. The article mentions that effective climate action is not only needed to achieve a climate-resilient low-carbon future, but it could also be a way to create abundant economic activity and create near-term jobs - two things that are very much needed to get our economy out of the recession. 

Another point the article mentions is "The Built Environment". The article states that buildings account for approximately 59 percent of CO2 emissions in Vancouver, and they've identified over $3 billion market opportunity in the Lower Mainland alone for green building products. This could lead to serious job creation and economic opportunity! 

Since the built environment makes such an impact on CO2 emissions in Vancouver, this puts NorLand in a lucrative position. Local construction companies are able now more than ever to be the ones leading the change and moving the needle on CO2 emission reductions. 

For this reason, the construction industry needs passionate, talented individuals who care about climate change to join their team. Working in the construction industry enables passionate change-makers to create a meaningful impact within the industry that contributes such a large amount of CO2 emissions. The construction industry is a place for these change-makers to have a career in a space where they can make the most impact on the environment.