Looking Back at a Successful Community Project

In case anyone missed this last year - here's a recap of one succesful community impact event held by a NorLand Business Unit.


Another successful quarterly cleanup for Pacific Industrial Movers (Apex & Pro-Tech) is in the books. We’re always proud to see the impact that PIM makes on their community in Delta, despite being held back by COVID-19 restrictions, weather, or anything else that’s thrown at them.

Delta’s Adopt-A-Street program was created to increase community awareness and participation in litter control. It’s a cooperative effort between the City of Delta and its citizens who want to achieve a garbage-free environment and improve the appearance of the city. PIM signed up in 2019 and have since cleaned the streets nearby their office in Delta once a quarter, encouraging both field and office workers to participate. It’s a great way to get together and catch up, while making a positive impact and living Our Shared Purpose of Helping Build Enduring Communities, Together.

On August 27th, PIM had their third quarterly cleanup. Check out what Terri Biln (Project Coordinator, PIM) had to say about it:

As we continue our efforts to Helping Build Enduring Communities, we have found that we are not just making an impact within our business unit, but with other business units and our community as well. Our street cleanups have brought us together with employees from other business units and we have been recognized by our neighborhood businesses for our continued partnership with the City of Delta to keep the streets clean. On August 27th, we completed our Q3 volunteer street cleanup; with 18 volunteers and a quick breakfast, we got through the morning and had fun! Considering most of our field employees were working out of town and some on night shift, and due to the demands of our unique business, we still had a great turnout and left the streets cleaner than we found them. A big thank you to everyone who made the time to attend our early morning cleanup and for their ongoing support.

A huge shoutout to the 18 volunteers who participated in PIM’s Q3 street cleanup. It’s a great opportunity for teamwork and collaboration between business units – until next time!