The #LunchBoxChallenge started at the end of March 2020 to support local restaurants as well as providing a delicious lunch for the construction industry’s front- line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is to pay for the crew’s lunch to show our support for their hard work and dedication to their team, our company, and the economy, as they are working to support more than just themselves.

NorLand first heard about the challenge through Donna Grant at Scott Construction, who started this initiative. NorLand was looking to do something in support of the front line workers and came across this article from Scott Construction. Immediately, we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of.

By having lunches delivered to various sites, companies limit the need for individuals to leave site and line-up to order food. It also mitigates contact exposure for the restaurant, which can prepare one large order for the site versus serving those individuals in their storefront.

NorLand began delivering lunches at the start of May 2020 and to date, we have served 13 sites lunch across British Columbia and Alberta, to a total of 204 NorLand employees, with no intentions of stopping, NorLand has pledged to serve all their active sites. Below are pictures of some of the sites we have visited.

Alberta, Pacific Demolition:

Blood Alley, BelPacific:

Landmark (BelPacific):

Point Grey (BelPacific):