Norland Avenue Clean Up

On November 9th, we organized another Norland Avenue Clean Up event. We had 22 volunteers join us from LNS, Traxxon Foundation Equipment, the Bel Groups, Pacific Blasting & Demo, High Standard Scaffolding, Pacific Industrial Movers as well as NorLand Shared Services. Also, in attendance was President & CEO Dave Reynolds, and Senior Vice President of our Industrial Sector, Michael Radcliff. All volunteers dedicated an hour of their time to trek up and down Norland Ave to pick up all the trash that accumulates along the side of the road, and in the grass & ditches surrounding Norland Ave. We collected over 15 bags of garbage, including a stationary bicycle, glass & plastic bottles, cans, cardboard and paper, cigarette butts, old wooden desks and even a vacuum!

These events raise awareness of all the things that people throw out of their car windows. Not only raising awareness, but these events serve as great reminders to think twice about the things that we’re throwing away. The overall goal was to help clean our neighborhood, and while we accomplished this, we were also able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, learn from one another, share stories and a few laughs as well.

All in all, we had a successful clean up and we encourage anyone looking for a way to help their neighborhood to come out to our next clean up event or start your own and spread the cleaning spirit!