NorLand Avenue Cleanup

NorLand hosts Norland Avenue cleanups to show support for the environment and community we work in. We want to reduce our impact, and while we aren’t the only company on Norland Ave., we do our best to take responsibility for our space. We are passionate about creating a more sustainable future for everyone, including NorLand, and are proud to be part of initiatives and communities that take action to create a better future.

NorLand completed it’s 4th NorLand Avenue cleanup this summer. We had a great turn out, and while the amount of waste picked up seemed to be less, we like to think that its due to our consistent cleanups, spreading the word about protected our natural environment, and support from everyone who works on NorLand Ave. We still found a number of larger items including multiple pieces of IKEA furniture!

We saw 14 Volunteers come out from Traxxon, the BEL Groups, Head Office, Shared Services, and even our very own previous CEO, Dale Bekar, came out last minute to join in on the fun! We had a great morning, with lots of smiles, and a delicious spread of snacks afterward.

Thanks to all those who came out and helped clean up!