NorLand Committee Participates In Drum Awakening Ceremony

Earlier this week, a group of managers, estimators and project managers from a majority of NorLand's business units participated in a traditional First Nations' Drum Awakening Ceremony at the LNS office. The drum in question has a Medicine Wheel on its face, designed by David Fierro (Qwel Qwel Minixlp) - a local drum-maker and elder of the Okanagan Nation, Grizzly Bear Clan - and given to NorLand to provide additional means for encouraging togetherness, openness, and recognition in the work its businesses do. David was accompanied by Tamara Goddard - President of Mahigan Research & Development from the Saulteau First Nation - who has worked closely with NorLand over the past several years.

The group that received the drum collectively meets once a week to discuss new business development opportunities, but took a break from the usual meeting agenda on Monday to listen to a presentation given by David & Tamara regarding the rich history of drumming in First Nation's cultures, the infinite analogies related to the Medicine Wheel, and additional histories from their respective Nations. To awaken the drum, David and Tamara conducted a ceremony which included the use of sacred Tobacco, and the sharing of two traditional Cree songs. Prayer Song was performed first for the drum awakening followed by Waniska, which is an ancient celebratory public song of the Cree peoples dating back tens of thousands of years.


NorLand is grateful to David and Tamara for sharing this special piece of their cultures with it. The drum will be kept in the LNS Boardroom and can be used by anyone working for NorLand's businesses to commence a meeting, calm the mind or celebrate a win.

Dated Posted: August 18, 2017