NorLand Fundraising for Ukraine

On March 11th 2022, NorLand's President and CEO Dave Reynolds announced an initiative to help the people of Ukraine during their struggles. Below is the letter to NorLand to raise awareness for the Canadian-Ukraine Foundation.


Dear NorLanders:

As you are all by now aware, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, ostensibly as part of a “peacekeeping” mission, which has been swiftly and rightfully condemned by the global community.  The innocent citizens of Ukraine are suffering immensely as a result of the bombing and violence surrounding them – they are struggling daily with basic needs including food, safe shelter, and medical care.  More than 1 million Ukrainians have already fled to neighbouring countries as refugees.

Here at NorLand, our shared purpose is to Help Build Enduring Communities, Together.  This includes supporting a number of worthy charities and causes throughout the year. NorLanders categorically reject global injustice and threats to sovereign countries and innocent lives. As such, today we are announcing a corporate fundraising initiative for the people of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding there. 

We reached out to several of our employees with ties to Ukraine and asked for their input on how best to help folks on the ground there now. Following significant consideration, our owner and Executive Committee have approved a 2 for 1 donation matching program, up to a total of $100,000, which will be donated directly to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, a registered Canadian charitable organization based in Toronto, Ontario.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation is a focused organization with a good track record; money raised is used on several fronts. It was specifically developed to deliver assistance projects to Ukraine from Canadians. Its Mission Statement is “To attain the vision by supporting, funding and managing humanitarian, economic development, governance and rule of law projects that focus on Ukraine”. Its four main Funding areas are: Health and Wellness, Education, Humanitarian Assistance, and Heritage and Culture.

Immediately following the invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation launched a Humanitarian Appeal and on March 4, delivered approximately $550K to Ukraine for food packages, medicine and shelter.  An additional $1.07M was sent on March 7.  We want that good work to continue. 

We thank you for your consideration of this appeal and ask you to join us in trying to make a difference in the lives of Ukrainians at this time.


As of April 6th, NorLand and it's employees have raised a total of $32,898 to be donated to help the people of Ukraine. If you are seeing this, please use the link above to donate what ever you can.