NorLand Limited Announces Restructuring to Support Growth and Business Development

May 17, 2022

BURNABY, BC - NorLand Limited has announced some restructuring to its business to bring greater focus to its operations and the execution of efforts to expand the products and services offered to customers.


Two key changes are taking place at NorLand Limited. First, a new company is being created focused specifically on industrial products and equipment, with its own Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and brand. The new company will be led by Michael Radcliffe, President & CEO, and will bring together four existing NorLand Limited business units, organized into a Products Group and an Equipment Group:


  • Products Group
    • Pinnacle Drilling Products (PDP)
    • ML Air Produit de Forage (MLA)


  • Equipment Group
    • Traxxon Rock Drills (TRD)
    • Traxxon Foundation Equipment (TFE)


The new company will boost overall business development and support greater focus on expansion into new markets. The Products Group will be led by Simon Bennett, and the Equipment Group will be led by Shaun Norman.


Second, NorLand Limited will be structured in three groups under the leadership of President & CEO Dave Reynolds: the Civil and Heavy Construction Group, the Industrial Services Group and CanMine Contracting. The Industrial Services Group will now be led by Gary Klynsoon, while Paul Halliday will continue to be responsible for the Civil and Heavy Construction Group, and Dan Meier will continue to lead CanMine Contracting.


Pacific Demolition will become part of the Industrial Services Group, which will include six business units:

  • Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving
  • Pro-Tech Industrial Movers
  • NorTech Industrial Services
  • High Standard Scaffolding
  • LNS Services
  • Pacific Demolition


The Civil and Heavy Construction Group includes eight business units:

  • BEL Contracting
  • BelPacific Excavating and Shoring
  • CDI Construction Drilling
  • Copcan Civil
  • Glacier Blasting & Shoring
  • Pacific Blasting
  • Pacific Ground Engineering
  • Western Grater Contracting