Pacific Blasting Performs Rock Slope Stabilization Projects in the Northeastern U.S.

Pacific Blasting & Demolition's Blasting Division has performed numerous rock slope stabilization projects for Canadian Pacific Rail over the years, both in Canada and across the United States. Since April 2010, they have had a renewable, long-term maintenance contract to perform all rock slope stabilization on CP Rail lines in the northeastern U.S. and, every summer, their crews travel east to fulfill these contract obligations.

This week, a scaling crew will mobilize in Dubuque, Iowa to perform rock slope stabilization services along CP Rail’s Marquette Sub. The project duration is expected to be 28 days. Following this, they will travel to Plattsburgh, New York, along beautiful Lake Champlain, to carry on with the maintenance contract. The crew is expected to be in New York State for approximately 40 days.

Date Posted: July 24, 2017