The Sinking of YOGN 82

On June 21, teams from Pacific Blasting & Demolition and Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving participated in a project to sink a concrete ship, the YOGN 82. This was the first controlled sinking of a concrete ship anywhere in the world, and a project our teams are very proud of.

YOGN 82 was one of 22 unpowered B7-A2 barges built by Concrete Ship Constructors of National City, California and launched in 1944. It was 366 feet in length, with a breadth of 54 feet and draft of 35 feet. The ship was purchased by the Powell River Company and used as part of their breakwater. Five concrete ships formed this breakwater and all have deteriorated over time. Our project was to successfully sink the YOGN so it forms an artificial reef and a future 'ship-wreck' site for divers.

It took 11 minutes for the YOGN 82 to sink and it now rests on its hull, as required by the Artificial Reef Society of BC. Our blasters, Pearl Fisher and Tracey Fisher played an important and integral part in the success of the project. Special thanks and congratulations to the entire Blasting Team: Corry Goumans, David Peck, Pearl Fisher and Tracey Fisher.

This project speaks to many parts of NorLand's Mission Statement, including connecting bright minds who will craft meaningful solutions to address the needs of our valued clients and simplifying complex project execution while minimizing the risks for all involved by harnessing the greater potential of teamwork and collaboration

Below are a couple photos showcasing the before and after of this project, courtesy of Beneath BC.

YOGN sink


Date Posted: July 3, 2018