Traxxon Rock Drills Completes 100th Custom Excavator Drill

Traxxon Rock Drills is proud to announce the completion of its 100th custom excavator drill.  Designed and built to meet the multitude of options requested by their customers, no two drills produced by Traxxon are exactly the same.  To add to the complexity of producing custom excavator drills, Traxxon's team works with six brands of excavators, each with different sizes and model years. It takes a team of specialists to deliver 100 custom excavator drills and everyone at Traxxon, from their front office, parts department and technicians to their shipping and receiving personnel, is dedicated to delivering exceptional sales, service, products and support.  This is what makes Traxxon so unique; just like every one of their custom excavator drills.

Traxxon's 100th excavator drill is a tribute to the long-standing relationships that Traxxon forms with its customers.  Over the past 35 years, Derek Bjornson and the crew from Bjornson Bulldozing have always stood by Traxxon as great and loyal customers. When Bjornson Bulldozing placed an order for their fourth custom excavator drill, it also happened to be Traxxon's 100th.  This couldn't have been more fitting.  Traxxon is proud to serve Bjornson Bulldozing and every one of its clients. 

The team at Traxxon is looking forward to working with its customers to design and build another 100 custom excavator drills.


Date Posted: May 17, 2017