Women in Construction Week, Part Three



Katiussa Sulzbacher

Project Coordinator with BEL Contracting.


Q: When did you start at NorLand and how did you get involved in the construction industry?

A: I started with NorLand in April of 2021, almost 2 years ago. I don’t really know how I got into the industry. I don’t have any construction background in my family, but my dad was a do-it-yourself kind of guy and would build and fix things around the house as I grew up. I always thought that it was cool to be able to fix things without having to hire someone. I wanted to become that person too, so I decided to go to university to become a Civil Engineer.

Q: This year’s IWD campaign theme is #EmbracyEquity. How do you think we can work towards equality in the construction industry?

A: By being mindful that this is still an issue, and by never stopping promoting awareness within your company, which is where we can actually make a difference.

Q: Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to other women considering pursuing a career in construction?

A: The industry is still male dominant which can be a little intimidating sometimes, but it is definitely NOT as sexist or old school as it used to be. I’ve been working on-site for almost 2 years and have never experienced any kind of push back. Pick a good company to work for - one that embraces and supports equity and gives you opportunities to evolve and grow. If you’re passionate, respectful, and work hard, success will follow you.

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A: It is a day to recognize, celebrate and raise awareness towards the process of achieving gender equality, especially in the construction industry. Not many years ago, women did not have the opportunities and freedom we currently take for granted. It is important to recognize the hard journey they went through so we can pursue our dreams today. It’s also an opportunity to remember that gender equality is a human rights issue in a lot of countries, like the women in Iran that are risking their lives to fight for freedom. I see you, and I honor and respect your courage!

Q: What is your favourite value of NorLand?

A: My favourite is Every Person Deserves To Grow, and I notice in my day-to-day work life how NorLand honours those values. Management is always giving us chances for professional development and providing us with opportunities to learn more. Also, I personally get a feedback meeting for performance review at least once a year. I can’t tell how much I’ve grown since I started to work here.