Workout Challenge 2.0

Last year, NorLand hosted a Company-Wide Workout Challenge encouraging NorLanders to stay active while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions. As 2021 rolled around, it became clear that the global pandemic was far from over – so NorLand has launched a new and improved workout challenge to keep employees active, connected, and engaged in 2021.


There will be a new workout challenge each quarter this year, ensuring participants have ample opportunity to not only stay active but also stay competitive! The first quarter’s competition is a simple one: in teams of four, participants can each earn up to five points per week by exercising 30+ minutes for five of the seven days in that week. So, each day you exercise for at least 30 minutes, you earn a point for your team! Although this maxes out at five points per person, the points can really add up if every team member completes all five workouts each week!


To make this competition accessible for individuals of all fitness levels, there are a wide variety of qualifying activities! To earn your point, you can do anything from weight-training to cardio, to yoga, to walking! As long as your body is moving for 30 minutes, you’re earning a point!


Additionally, bonus points are made available in several different ways. First off, if every member of your team completes all five workouts in the week, your team earns a bonus point right off the bat! This provides an incentive for teammates to encourage each other to stay active! Second, there is a new bonus point made available each week. Each individual can earn one bonus point per week, and these are attainable by completing the task assigned for that week. These tasks have included cooking a specific meal, drinking a certain amount of water, and burning a certain number of calories! Bonus points allow the competition to stay dynamic, challenging, fresh, and exciting!


We are currently four weeks into the six-week competition - and while there are definitely some clear front-runners - this quarter’s competition is far from over! Keep moving NorLanders…every step counts!