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Living Our Values

Payroll & Administration

Everyone Goes Home Safe

We put safety first. There are no compromises. No task is worth a person’s health.

  • We emphasize the importance of driving to and from work safely.
  • We encourage team members to take a healthy approach to eating and exercising as much as possible.
  • We make sure we are aware of our surroundings, reporting any unsafe work conditions to the safety manager.

Teammates Get Treated Like Family

Be better together. A true team is a group of people who trust each other, just like a family.

  • We value our “non-business” conversations with our team members as this ultimately fosters a more cohesive working environment.
  • We hold trust and respect above all else in the office; everything follows these two values.
  • We believe being polite and civil, especially in disagreements, is the most effective way to communicate.

Variety Makes Us Strong

We embrace a broad range of skills, specializations and perspectives. It’s what makes us strong.

  • We believe that understanding and accepting others’ opinions is important in creating an effective workplace.
  • We attempt to share ideas when at all possible in order to make decisions that are more informed.
  • We strive to draw upon the strengths of our team members when those strengths are most applicable.

Passion Leads to Pride

We’re passionate about helping to create great things and are proud when we see them realized.

  • We encourage everyone to contribute with their best efforts; everyone shows more pride in something they’ve worked hard on.
  • We believe that if we work passionately every day we come to the office, then satisfaction will follow.
  • Our attitude is reflected in the work that we do; showing up to work with a positive and motivated attitude will result in superior work.

Every Person Deserves to Grow

We’re happiest when we’re growing. Grow as people, as teams and as an organization, together.

  • We believe in further educating our team members by taking courses, therefore diversifying our overall skill set.
  • We try to get the department to do activities together in order to learn from each other and broaden our knowledge base.
  • We encourage the mindset of always searching for and being open to new information.

Effort Gets Recognized

Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with a title. Take time to hold the deserving people high.

  • We try to recognize what others have done by always saying thank you.
  • We make sure that people are recognized for their efforts if they go above and beyond what they were expected to do.
  • We as a unit are appreciative when people do their work properly, producing good results for the department.

Innovation Is What Sustains Us

We’re never finished innovating. Change, adapt, grow, and find a little better way each day.

  • We are of the mindset that change can be good, and we embrace it when we deem it so.
  • We believe the best way to come up with new and more efficient ways of doing our work is through collaboration and sharing ideas amongst our team..