Between a Walk and a Hard Pace: NorLand Workout Challenge

This fall, NorLand is putting on a workout challenge for all its employees. This challenge is called "Between a Walk and a Hard Pace." 

The challenge has three different categories employees can sign up for: 

  • NorLand Walking and Hiking Club
  • NorLand Running Club
  • NorLand Cycling Club

Employees can sign up for one, two, or all three of these challenges. The reason behind the challenge is to encourage employees to get outside and stay active - something that can be challenging during COVID times. Being accountable to a team is intended to help employees stay motivated. 

Some of the categories being tracked during the challenge include overall distance traveled, overall elevation gain, fastest 5km, and total overall time of activity. Depending on where your team places in each, various prizes will be awarded. 

Additionally, participants are being asked to consider donating $5.00 to the Dixon Transition Society - a safe haven working to reduce the impact of domestic violence on women and children. 

There is much excitement around this new workout challenge. It's already been established that if employees' family members want to join, we will wait until we have enough individuals interested, and then we'll be launching a separate challenge for family members!

The challenge begins September 7th... stay tuned for updates on top performing teams!