Holiday Fundraising for BC Children’s Hospital

Dylan Griffin (Labourer, Pacific Blasting & Demolition) has turned a family tradition into a big gift this year. Each year, he and his family pick a local charity to raise money for during the holidays, and this year he has chosen BC Children’s Hospital. When we asked Dylan when this tradition started, he said, “As long as I can remember. It was a family thing – if you don’t need something, then give something.” This passion to give back usually doesn’t grab attention from others, but this year, Dylan decided to make it bigger. He chose BC Children’s Hospital for personal reasons but knew the amazing impact the staff have on families who need support. He reached out to others to help him reach a goal of $1,000, but to his surprise, the giving gained momentum.


Dylan Griffin photographed in his work gear


Dylan initially raised awareness in his circle and at work with Pacific Blasting & Demolition, and soon word spread to the rest of NorLand. People have donated on Go Fund Me, through e-transfer, as well as by giving cash. Dylan does all the groundwork himself: communicating with hospital staff to find out what the children need, collecting the money, and purchasing all the necessities and gifts. As of October 28, Dylan and his family have almost raised $3,000 and have purchased over 120 gifts! See below:


Toys for BC Children’s Hospital so far
Photo provided by Dylan Griffin


If you would like to donate, you can go to Dylan’s Go Fund Me page or contact him at The last day to donate is November 20.

Dylan is truly living our Shared Purpose of Helping Build Enduring Communities, Together by giving back to others in the community. We commend and celebrate Dylan’s passion in this cause and his effort is greatly recognized. Thank you, Dylan, for the work you and your family have done!