LNS Christmas Party

On Monday December 9th,  LNS held their first annual business unit Christmas Party in the NorLand Stores warehouse. Over the last few months, one of LNS’ initiatives had been to bridge the gap between ‘field’ and ‘office’ staff and provide a more family-like structure for all of their employees.

All employees and labor subcontractors were personally invited to attend the holiday celebration. Nearly all the event’s food was prepared by LNS office staff, including four main course options, salad, cheesecake, and dozens of cookies and tarts.

Approximately 40 out of their 58 employees attended the event, and all were given their annual gift of an LNS T-shirt, as well as a branded re-usable stainless water bottle to bring to site. The organizers of this event were very hopeful that their message would get across: “we are ALL a team, and none of us would be here without each other,” and they were nearly brought to tears when the field staff delivered two thank you cards a few days following the event.

This was the second event since LNS had committed to organizing a team-building event every quarter; the first being a casual afternoon BBQ where approximately 30 employees came. LNS is excited to continue to spread the positivity throughout 2020. LNS would also like to say a special thanks to Melanie for allowing them to use her warehouse.