LNS Services and Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving Installing Wide-Span Cranes at GCT DeltaPort

LNS Services and Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving are working together to install five state-of-the-art, 41-tonne lift capacity wide-span cranes at Global Container Terminals' Deltaport facility located at Roberts Bank.  Already boasting the largest on-dock rail yard in North America, these wide-span cranes are an integral part of GCT Deltaport's rail redesign that will help increase their intermodal yard capacity to 1.9 million TEUs.  Selected for their proven reliability, productivity and sustainable innovation, these Kϋnz manufactured wide span cranes are remote controlled and will improve safety of GCT Deltaport's workforce by buffering containers in a transfer zone adjacent to working rail tracks.

Crews from LNS Services are working safely and efficiently to assemble the components of each crane while crews from Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving transfer them into place for final assembly by LNS.  This project is a prime example of how NorLand Limited's divisions work together to undertake complex, multi-faceted projects within a single contract.


Date Posted: August 9, 2016