NorLand Crew Helps a Couple in Danger

One of NorLand’s core values is “Everyone Goes Home Safe.” This was truly acted upon last month when two people found themselves in distress on Grouse Mountain a few days before the Holidays.

Various members of BEL Contracting and Pacific Ground Engineering were working on a site when they heard a woman screaming. They rushed over and found a man seizing on the ground. He was blue in the face and barely conscious, with his wife frantically looking over him. Three members of NorLand’s team enacted their first aid training and helped the man and his wife through the episode until both Grouse Mountain first aid and first responders arrived.

We are happy to report that the man has recovered and is doing well. He and his family sent the crew a gift basket to express their gratitude for the team’s actions that day.

NorLand is extremely proud of these crew members. This story takes our company values to the next level. NorLand’s President and CEO stated that “it’s one thing for us to have our values hanging on the walls, as we do, but when those words turn into positive action, they take on an entirely new meaning.”