NorLand Food Drive of 2019 sees Incredible Success!

Every Christmas, NorLand collects food and monetary donations for the Food Bank. This year, NorLand set a goal of $5000 and surpassed it by raising a total of $5,964.92! These funds were comprised of:


  • $2,575.00 in monetary donations from employees;
  • $2,500.00 in a monetary donation from NorLand; and
  • $889.92 of dry goods donation, which is 17 boxes!


But that isn’t where the success ends. Since NorLand’s monetary donations have a buying power of 3:1, the true impact made this year was $16,114.92!

In response to NorLand’s successful efforts, the Food Bank sent the following message:

“Gifts such as yours are at the heart of what we do. We will stretch your donation with our buying power, focusing it on high protein, nutritious food for our clients. We are now providing an average of 10 items each week in our 13 locations across Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster and the North Shore, compared to only 6 items per week a year ago. 55% of what we purchased in the last year was fresh - things such as eggs, milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, which are such vital components to a healthy diet.”

It is responses such as these that make it so rewarding to focus on giving during the Holidays. This year, NorLand has truly lived Our Shared Purpose, Helping Build Enduring Communities, Together. Congratulations NorLanders - and thank you for all your donations!

Pictured above is the Food Bank delivery driver picking up NorLand's donations, and BelPacific's Accounts Payable Administrator, Rosemarie Salvarani, who selflessly initiated NorLand's Food Bank involvement.