NorLand Limited believes the construction industry is responsible for playing a lead role in creating a sustainable future. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by reducing our environmental impact wherever possible and seeking to implement collaborative partnerships that promote sustainable thinking across our entire supply chain. NorLand reduces, reuses and recycles wherever practicable and sources recycled or other materials from sustainable sources whenever feasible. We are dedicated to continuously reducing our carbon emissions, water consumption and energy use across all of our businesses.

In 2017, NorLand completed its first B Impact Assessment, which helps companies measure their social, environmental, and economic impact throughout the value chain. Businesses that achieve a score of 80 or higher are eligible to become ‘B Corp Certified,’ an important validation of their commitment to running a balanced purpose-and-profit business model. In 2018, one of the outcomes of our strategic planning process was to set a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of certifying the entire organization by 2025. In 2019, we have now started the process of B Corp certification with our business units.

Climate Smart Certification is a big step forward for us in our goal to reduce our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. To achieve this certification a company must calculate a baseline year of their GHG emissions, for us it was 2019. Once we had this information, we created a reduction strategy that will help guide the next year of actions to help us reduce our emissions.

We started this process in early 2020, and it took us 6 months to gather all of our GHG data from electricity, heating, fuel consumption, air travel, and waste across all of our businesses. At the end of the process we had our 2019 baseline numbers and created a robust reduction strategy with the help of Climate Smart and other key players across our business.

If you are looking at this for your business and have any questions about our how we did it and why, contact If you have questions on how to get started here is the Climate Smart Website.