Climate Smart: How NorLand is Creating Change
September 15, 2020
2020 has been a challenging year – whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic, or the light being shed on racial injustices – we are all coming out of our comfort zones and learning. One thing that these challenges have in common though, is that they’re all creating change. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement is gaining incredible traction and forcing society’s eyes towards the mirror in the fight...
NorLand Avenue Cleanup
September 08, 2020
NorLand hosts Norland Avenue cleanups to show support for the environment and community we work in. We want to reduce our impact, and while we aren’t the only company on Norland Ave., we do our best to take responsibility for our space. We are passionate about creating a more sustainable future for everyone, including NorLand, and are proud to be part of initiatives and communities that take...
BelPacific: Building Better Communities
September 02, 2020
Throughout Covid-19, domestic violence has reportedly increased due to women and children being at home for longer with their abusers. Rose Salvarani and Dorene Burly at NorLand's BelPacific Groups care deeply about these women and children fleeing violence, and to help make a positive impact for these people, Rose and Dorene have helped the BelPacific Groups partner with the Dixon Transition...
Between a Walk and a Hard Pace: NorLand Workout Challenge
August 25, 2020
This fall, NorLand is putting on a workout challenge for all its employees. This challenge is called "Between a Walk and a Hard Pace."  The challenge has three different categories employees can sign up for:  NorLand Walking and Hiking Club NorLand Running Club NorLand Cycling Club Employees can sign up for one, two, or all three of these challenges. The reason behind the challenge is to...
NorLand Kids Club
August 04, 2020
Each summer, NorLand puts on a BBQ for the whole company. This year, due to the unexpected COVID-19, the BBQ had to be postponed. A few fine folks at NorLand thought that just because the BBQ wasn’t going to take place, didn’t mean we couldn’t do something for our NorLand family. So they started to brainstorm how they could do a COVID-friendly, family-oriented activity...and that's how the...
Pacific Ground Engineering: Sophora Project
August 04, 2020
Pacific Ground Engineering has been working on a challenging drilling project for Conwest Contracting and Polygon Homes. This project has involved great teamwork and efficient installation of tie-back anchors with PGE’s fleet of drill rigs. Click here to view the video of PGE's work on the Sophora Project:
Heavy Equipment Guide Publishes NorLand's Telematics Story
July 27, 2020
NorLand's story on how we're integrating telematics into our business was published in the Heavy Equipment Guide. Great work team!  Click the link below to view the published article.
Finning Gives a Shout-Out to NorLand Limited
June 22, 2020
Last week, NorLand Limited received a great shoutout from Finning on how we're integrating telematics into our business. Thank you to John Ashcroft - NorLand's Equipment Manager - and his team for all their hard work on the subject and on helping to pull together this news story!  Click the link below to see what Finning had to say:
Meals for Truckers by Apex and Pro-Tech
June 04, 2020
This week, Apex and Pro-Tech participated in the Meals for Truckers Initiative. The purpose is to provide meals for drivers since many restaurants remain closed due to COVID-19 and there is limited access to food. This initiative is also intended to support the food truck industry. Apex and Pro-Tech were able to provide 65 meals at a local location. Thank you to Alison Dunne for organizing this...
June 01, 2020
The #LunchBoxChallenge started at the end of March 2020 to support local restaurants as well as providing a delicious lunch for the construction industry’s front- line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is to pay for the crew’s lunch to show our support for their hard work and dedication to their team, our company, and the economy, as they are working to support more than just...